By Amy Vickrey, MSE

As summer is in full swing, we start thinking about water fun and water activities. But what if we are in an area with limited water resources or, like my family, limited financial resources? There are many options to incorporate water play both indoors and out no matter what resources, or lack thereof, you have to pull from. 


Ideas for Incorporating Water Play into Your Summer:

  • Use a bucket or Rubbermaid tub to create your own “water table”
  • Use plastic cups, funnels, bath squirter toys, etc. to work on pouring from one container to another (great for building writing muscles)
  • Add hand soap, gentle dish soap, or food coloring for additional fun
  • Add letters or numbers to your “water table” for letter identification or spelling activities
  • Write words, letters, numbers (or anything else!) on the bottom of rubber duckies or other floating toys for water learning
  • Do a “car wash” and wash bikes and other ride-on toys
  • Use spray bottles or squirters with colored water to “draw” or “write” spelling words, letters, or numbers
  • Add food coloring to a bottle of bubbles and blow bubbles on paper for beautiful, creative art work
  • Cut sponges into strips and tie them together with string to create “balls” that can be used for fun water play games. Use a bucket to hold the water for your game
  • If outdoor is not an option, you can add letters and numbers to bath time and allow for additional time to play games with them in the bathtub
  • Water bag pinata – fill the bag (a grocery bag if you want to reuse/recycle) with water and enjoy the shower it gives when it breaks!
  • Water balloon ___________ (fill in the blank with your favorite sport). I’ve seen baseball, volleyball (with hands or with sheets), and tennis, but you could do any sport you wanted.
  • Play in the rain (make sure there is no lightning or thunder in the area to stay safe)
  • Go kayaking or canoeing
  • Visit the local swimming pool or splash pad
  • Make your own rain with the hose or sprinkler (follow any water restrictions for your area)


I hope you enjoy some fun in the sun this summer (or just some water play indoors) and remember play is an essential part of learning!! Have a great summer and pass the sunscreen!

 Check out our Summer Pinterest board or these other resource links for more ideas:



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By Peggy Ployhar

Because I have lived most of my life in cold northern states, spring’s allure for me is the ability to get outside and enjoy outdoor hobbies I could only dream about until the eventual spring thaw.

So, for this springtime learning activity blog, I wanted to give you some ideas on how to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather coming your way while not sacrificing the incredible learning potential the outdoors can provide your children.

Whether you lean more towards gardening, science, exploring, or art these top free activities I have chosen from the SPED Homeschool Spring Pinterest board will give you LOTS of fun outside learning activities.

An Introduction to Plants for Kids – So many multi-sensory activities, field trip ideas, and video suggestions, you could be studying plants for weeks!

Getting Your Hands Dirty Gardening Unit – This study contains everything from the seeds to literature about gardening, and even delves into learning about the critters that make gardens grow better

Plant Studies
Spring Dandelion Unit  – Use these notebooking, experiments, art projects, and recipes to learn about dandelions

Easy Seed Science Activities – 10 very creative ways to study how seeds grow with hands-on experiment links for each

Insect Studies
Ant Unit Study – Books, videos, art, and projects all centered around ants

Grasshoppers and Cricket Study – Bring literature and science together as you learn about these amazing creatures

Animal Studies
Montessori-Inspired Bird Unit – Hands-on bird themed learning activities for many levels of learners

A Frog Unit Study – Learn about frogs as you teach your children language arts, math, science, and even godly character

Survival Themed Books Unit Studies for Teens and Tweens – Here is a great list of books and accompanying unit studies to inspire your older student to take their learning to the great outdoors.

Nature Walks & Scavenger Hunts  – Over 30 ways you can explore, hike, and hunt in the great outdoors

Nature & the Arts
 Art & Nature Study with Beatrix Potter – Look at nature through the eyes of Beatrix Potter while combining your study with her work

Claude Monet Unit Study – Use this large list of resources to study Claude Monet and how to create art using nature as an influence for impressionism

Check out all the SPED Homeschool Pinterest boards for many more creative and inspiring ways to homeschool your student with special educational needs.




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