About Us

We Believe

We at SPED Homeschool believe every child can succeed when provided individualized instruction and that homeschooling is one of the best options a family has for providing this type of education for a unique learner.

Pioneers in our Field

SPED Homeschool’s team and board are homeschooling pioneers. We have each experienced the trenches of special education homeschooling while teaching our own unique learners. Relying on different resources, support, and available training, our children have flourished in the adapted environments we’ve created in our homes plus our years of educating have equipped us with valuable hand-on and real-life perspectives. 

Beyond our Walls

But, our desire to help children goes beyond the walls of our own homes and into the larger special education community. Our work at SPED Homeschool builds upon our diverse experiences, training, gifts, and enthusiasm for home education to equip other parents to homeschool their unique children.

Looking Ahead

By providing quality homeschooling resource, support, and training options it is our desire that homeschooling children with learning challenges will become even more accessible in the future than it is today.

Leading the Way to Success

Yes, every child can succeed!  We have seen this success in our own homes and we desire to help you find how you can help your child succeed as well.

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