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Providing resources, training, tools, and encouragement that empowers families to home educate students with unique learning needs


An estimated 1,500,000 children with unique learning needs were homeschooled in the United States in the 2020 – 2021 school year.



In 2020 the homeschooling population doubled, meaning nearly 750,000 new students with learning struggles started homeschooling.

The majority of school programs are failing children with learning challenges. Due to the pandemic and longstanding failures in the special education system, many families are forced into homeschooling so their children can receive an adequate education.

And, even though 14% of all students quality for special educational assistance, those numbers do not include children who slip through the system undiagnosed or whose learning struggles are too mild to qualify for services. It is estimated that almost 30% of all students need some sort of extra learning help and most are not receiving the services outlined in their IEP or they are falling through the cracks in an overloaded system.


SPED Homeschool empowers families to homeschool children with unique learning needs by vetting resources, training parents, providing homeschooling tools, and offering encouragement. We believe every child can succeed when provided individualized instruction and that homeschooling is one of the best options a family has for providing this type of education for a unique learner.

Our work at SPED Homeschool builds upon our board and team’s diverse homeschooling experiences, training, gifts, and enthusiasm for home education to equip other parents to homeschool their children with unique learning needs.

We provide families with quality homeschool information and resources from the perspective of parents who have homeschooled our own struggling learners, providing encouragement and hope for their homeschooling journey and for the bright future God has for their student.


“Families who choose to homeschool do not do so lightly…these families sacrifice careers, time, and money because they believe their children have a better future than most educational institutions are willing to help them achieve. We must empower these families to reach that goal and press forward in our efforts to make homeschooling a more accessible school choice.”

Peggy Ployhar

Founder & CEO | SPED Homeschool

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Brand Expert | Mantell Design

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Earl Jackson

Support Staff | Gerwyn Financial

What we provide


SPED Homeschool Partners

We vet and review homeschool curriculum providers, therapy providers, homeschool consultants, tutors, testing providers, bloggers, special needs organizations, and homeschool organizations so parents can choose homeschooling resources and help with confidence




Empowering Homeschool Conversations

We provide a weekly live broadcast hosted by SPED Homeschool Founder & CEO Peggy Ployhar. Each week Peggy interviews a special guest to discuss topics relevant to homeschooling unique learners.




Homeschooling Tools

We provide free checklists, guides, downloads, blogs, podcasts, and videos that families can use to be further equipped and encouraged in homeschooling their student with unique learning needs.




Empowered Homeschool Network

We provide parent training and support through webinars, courses, and an online community so parents can receive focused and/or small group assistance on how to teach to the unique learning needs of their student.



Recent Reviews

The SPED Homeschool organization has created a positive impact on my homeschooling family of six. This organization has provided my family with free tools, resources, and support. For homeschooling families that have children with special needs, it also provides a sense of community… The SPED Homeschool organization provides many opportunities to educate, inform, as well as connect parents of children with special needs with other homeschooling families of children with special needs and experts.

Tracy Criswell

SPED Homeschool has empowered me not only as a homeschooling mama, but also as a professional, special needs consultant by providing a platform to be able to share with other families our personal homeschooling journey, as well as be a safe and welcoming place to network, share resources, and to glean encouragement, wisdom and knowledge from others’ training and experiences.

Faith Berens, HSLDA Special Needs Consultant & SPED Homeschool Board Member

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