Blooming Sounds LLC

Blooming Sounds LLC brings music class to you- wherever you are!℠ We are licensed by Music Together© Worldwide and Canta y Baila Conmigo© to provide these amazing music and movement classes to you and your 0-8 year-olds.

Music Together’s research backed curriculum is taught through an expansive and diverse repertoire. Your child’s growing music skills are supported and challenged in a playful environment. Plus, making music enhances their language, cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. Our online classes take the stress out of getting to class and are designed to help you make your home a more musical place. And don’t worry, online class does not mean passive screen time for your young one – our classes are live and interactive.

In addition to our weekly classes, with each session, enrolled families receive a beautiful songbook, CD and digital download of the musical recordings, and access to supplemental materials online to keep the music and learning flowing all week. New families also receive a welcome bag with a starter set of rhythm instruments. We offer referral and sibling discounts.






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Blooming Sounds – Rhythm Kids Online Class

General Information


  • Service Provider – Blooming Sounds LLC
  • Program Website Link
  • General purpose for this service: Online class
  • Subjects covered by service: Music, language, listening, coordination, and social skills
  • Free trial period: Yes, try a class drop in with pre-registration
  • Free trial link
  • Cost Range: Over $200
  • Supplemental Material Cost: None. Family can access downloadable content forever after registering for a class
  • Format: Online class for student, parents can join if they want
  • Religious content: No

Basic Features


  • Purchase method: Online
  • Technology used: Email, Zoom, computer/tablet/phone
  • Service components: Group class and parent-led at home activities
  • Materials used: Online class, CD, workbook, and downloads
  • Accredited service provider: Instructors are licensed by Music Together Worldwide and Canta y Baila Conmigo LLC
  • Service provided as compared to promotional material: Exactly as described
  • Description of service: Fun, interactive, and relational environment that allows children to take part at their own level of comfort  while learning music basics, expressive language, and social skills with the instructor and their peers in a safe environment. 

Service Description 


  • Ease of purchase: Simple
  • Service provider accessibility: Extremely accessible
  • Meeting/services provided: Anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks, depending on semester schedule
  • Length of class: 45 minutes
  • Student age specifications: 4 years to 8 years



  • Service flexibility: Registration is for a class at a particular time and day of the week, but it is possible to schedule a makeup class
  • Executive Functioning Concerns: There is a bag of miscellaneous rhythm instruments sent to new students in a small backpack
  • Average Length of service: 8 weeks
  • Ease of scheduling: Meetings are at a set time each week, so you need to plan around the times you choose mostly
  • Modifiable by Lengthening Out Lessons: Fairly easy with included downloadable supplemental material
  • Language Complexity: Simple and straightforward

SPED Homeschool Review Crew Feedback

What was the one thing that most impressed you about this curriculum?

A fun and interactive way for kids to increase their expressive language and social skills while exploring the world of music. The instructor lets every child take part at their comfort level while drawing them into the interactive environment by customizing the class time to the unique interests of students.

What should parents of children with learning needs be aware of when looking into this curriculum?

If you do not have a child that could hold their attention on a screen, you may need to sit with your student to get the maximum benefit of this class. Also, this class requires interaction, so if your student does not like being on camera or interacting with others on camera you may want to work on those skills or do a trial session before purchasing.