Amy Vickrey

Groups Manager

Amy Vickrey is a mother of a seven-year-old and three-year-old.


Amy states, “I come from the world of public school, having been a teacher since 2003; however, I have always been a big supporter of homeschooling. While my focus has been early childhood and special education in elementary school, I have worked with children from 3-years-old, both special needs and ‘typically developing’, through high school.”


Amy holds a Masters of Science in Special Education from the University of North Texas, a Masters of Science in Education (MSE), Curriculum, and Instruction, from the University of Central Missouri, and a Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas State University. Also, she spent 2 years of college studying Interpretation for the Deaf and Deaf Studies and knows American Sign Language. Her educational certifications include Educational Diagnostician, Special Education, English as a Second Language and Generalist (early childhood through fourth).

Amy has worked in a leadership role to help create the scope and sequence for a PreK curriculum in a major San Antonio area school district and spent many hours modifying curriculum and planning accommodations for students with various disabilities. She also helped improve the Alternative Elementary School program in the same district and began social skills instruction to help students return to their campus better equipped to deal with difficult situations.

Amy is also trained in Handwriting Without Tears (now Learning without Tears), is experienced in working with therapists as a parent and educator, and has skills in writing goals and developing proper learning settings which she learned while working for 3 years with the Child Find Team in a local district. Amy is also familiar with testing accommodations and modifications for the state of Texas, and how to document those accommodations for state and formalized testing. She has written goals and IEPs for early childhood through sixth-grade students.  Additionally, Amy is familiar with writing and interpreting Psycho-Educational reports, such as those to diagnose Autism, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia and more.

According to Amy, “My journey towards homeschooling began in the 1990s when my little sister was homeschooled because she was slipping through the cracks. She made all As but had anoxia at birth so long-term memory was an issue. She struggled with reading and basic math facts. My mom homeschooled her and today she has a bachelors from a major university and is a recruiter for a good company. Without homeschooling that would not be possible. It made me want to be able to give the same love and focus on my own kids that I wanted to give to my kids in the classroom… I have enjoyed our homeschooling journey so far and look forward to continuing it and learning how to meet the needs of my two awesome boys who have so much to offer this world!”


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