by Dawn Spence, SPED Homeschool Teaching Manager


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Organizing is one thing that I love to do when planning my homeschool year. This preparation time helps me structure my space, lessons, and items for my kids with learning differences who thrive in an organized learning environment.


In the past 9 years of homeschooling, my favorite homeschooling organizational tools have changed because of the needs of my learners and as well as what they need within their learning environment. Below is a list of my favorite supplies and organizers. I have also included items for those of you who homeschool on the go or need to be mobile with your homeschooling supplies.


Let the organizing begin and happy shopping!


Organizing supplies 

Organizer Caddy  by Learning Resources 

Label Maker by Brother P-touch 

Metal Rolling Cart by Alvorog 

Desk Organizer by DARFOO

24 Pocket Poly Project Organizer by Smead

6 Drawer Rolling Storage Chart by Linon 

Plastic 5 Drawer Medium Storage Tower by Homz 

15-Drawer Multipurpose Mobile Rolling Utility Storage Organizer Cart by Seville 


Planners and Calendars 

Homeschooling Organizing for Multiple Kids (up to 6 Students) by GR8 Creations

Chaos Coordinator   by Emmaline Bloom  

Multi-Student Christian Homeschool Planner by Christian Homeschoolers 

Homeschool Planner & Record Book: For Multiple Kids by Mellanie Kay Journals 

Daily Schedule Pocket Chart by SpriteGru 

Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart by Learning Resource 

Magnetic Calendar for Kids by FBve

Dry Erase Magnetic White Board Calendar Kit by Feela Store 

The Work-Smart Academic Planner  by Peg Dawson & Richard Guare



For the homeschooler on the go 

Desktop Caddy by Godery Store 

Expanding File Folder by TriMagic Store 

Storage Tote Bag by Cupohus Store

2 Pack LCD Writing Tablet for Kids by KIDWILL

Dry Erase Pockets by Pocket Pro 

Magnetic Learning Calendar by Learning resource 

Desktop Pocket Chart by SpriteGru 


Visual Aids 

Wall Maps by PalaceLearning

Telling Time Teaching Clock by OWLConic store 

Magnetic Chalkboard Contact Paper by Chalknetic

Dry erase Board  by Quartet Store

Visual Timer by Time Timer 

Chore Chart  by Tracy Supply 


Hopefully, this list will enhance your homeschool planning and we at SPED Homeschool pray you have an amazing year of learning at home with your children.






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