By Janet Giel-Romo, M.Ed. from Austin & Lily


Teaching a child about customs and traditions can be daunting, especially when that child struggles cognitively. If you are looking for a simple resource to share about Thanksgiving day with a very young child or a child with a cognitive delay, here are some resources you can use for a very simple Thanksgiving unit study.


Thanksgiving Unit Study Resources

Start with these free unit planning sheets

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan


 Use this free ebook to teach about Thanksgiving day


Add in these interactive worksheets to help solidify various facts about Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving Worksheets


Finally, play this fun game with your child to test what they learned about Thanksgiving


To find more unit studies and resources like these, visit our website, Austin & Lily.


Janet Giel-Romo Ed.D. holds a doctorate in education leadership focused on intellectual disabilities and has a Master’s is in Language Acquisition (ELL). Her passion has been understanding and meeting the needs of at-risk learners. She has over 25 years of experience teaching middle, high school, and university levels. Janet has an 18-year-old daughter with Down syndrome and is passionate about her well-being. Janet writes curriculum, provides training, and is a consultant.




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