By Amy Vickrey, MSE

Summertime can mean it is HOT!! While outdoor activities are popular, what happens when it rains or the weather becomes too hot to be outside? How can we change things up to make being inside more interesting? What kind of field trips can we plan that will be successful?

Hands-on learning is so important at any age, and field trips are a great way to experience that! 

Here are some ideas for some field trips that your kids will look forward to:

  • Visit a farmers’ market
  • Visit a museum
  • Visit the zoo or aquarium
  • Visit your local fire station (call ahead)
  • Visit with your local police station (call ahead)
  • Go to the park
  • Explore local hiking or bike trails
  • Check out summer library activities
  • Carnivals or county fairs
  • Go to the flea market or garage sales
  • Play miniature golf
  • Go roller skating or ice skating
  • Eat at an old-style diner with a counter
  • Visit an ice cream shop
  • Go to the matinee at the movie theater
  • Visit a free “introductory” class for gymnastics, swimming, or karate
  • Look for free activities at Home Depot or Lowes (some require pre-registration online)
  • Check out Vacation Bible School classes at local churches
  • Visit local bakeries
  • Visit smaller theme parks (Here we have Morgan’s Wonderland and ZDT’s Amusement Park, both of which are less expensive than big name places like Seaworld)
  • Indoor gyms such as Rock the Spectrum Kids’ Gym

If indoor or at-home activities are more your family’s style, try some of these:

  • Have a reading day – read books or listen to books
  • Have a board game day
  • Build forts and tents
  • Make ice cream 
  • Make a bird feeder or bird house
  • Make homemade pizza (either with homemade or store-bought crust)
  • Make your own popsicles
  • Read joke books or create your own jokes
  • Create your own movies
  • Create your own photo creations using publisher or PowerPoint
  • String beads (use alphabet beads for spelling words or to practice name)
  • Build Lego (or other blocks) castles
  • Have a building “contest” to see who comes up with the best design – multiple awards available! Most creative, biggest, or wildest
  • Make oven smores (place graham crackers on a sheet pan, put chocolate on top and marshmallows on half of them, place under broiler until marshmallows start to turn golden brown, make sandwiches, and enjoy!)
  • Have a pajama party – put on pajamas early, make snacks, and enjoy favorite or old movies!
  • Play with cardboard boxes or baskets – they can be cars, trains, or many other creations!


Hope you have a good time this summer incorporating some new field trips or having some indoor fun!

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