Peggy Ployhar


Peggy has held leadership positions in the special education homeschooling community for 18 years.  Her vision for SPED Homeschool is to create an organization that unites the special education homeschooling community to provide parents a consistent and trustworthy base of support, encouragement and resources.


Dawn Spence

Teaching Manager/Team Consultant

Dawn is a homeschooling mom to her three children. She has a son in high school and twin daughters in junior high. She has been married to her husband David for 17 years. Dawn has been a speaker for online and in person conferences. She has a passion for writing and has aspirations to become published.


Amy Vickrey

Training Manager/Team Consultant

Amy knows special education inside and out from her extensive work as a classroom teacher before homeschooling and through her master’s degree work in the field. She now homeschools her two sons as well as runs a homeschool business that offers special needs homeschool classes and consulting.


Justin Holt

Video Production Manager

Justin is a husband to wife Kelly and father of 4, 3 who he is homeschooling, who came to the Lord in 2016 along with his wife. He has been editing the audio and video production at his church Mount Zion – Church of the Firstborn since 2019, and continues assisting their online ministry. He is also currently the worship leader and alongside his family, sings praises to the Lord each week.

Janice Peshek

Office Administrator

Janice and her husband, Aaron, have made multiple moves in their 26 years of marriage. This has afforded her the unique opportunity to become a part of many different homeschooling communities. Janice spent her first 14 years of teaching in the public schools. She has spent the last 16 years homeschooling her 3 daughters. She has graduated two, and her youngest is a senior this year!
Janice loves to travel, read, and bake and she and her husband are dreaming about the day that they can purchase a camper and start discovering new places.

Hannah Shelton

Editing & SEO Manager

Hannah is a stay at home, homeschooling mom of two. She has been editing for friends and family since 2011. She has a passion for art and reading on the beach. On a typical Tuesday you can find her at home crafting with her kids, and cooking her favorite meals.

Kim Marr

Outreach manager

Kim Marr has a diverse background in music, theater, communications, ancient cultures, and Asian studies with an emphasis in China.  She enjoys using this diverse knowledge to teach her two children.  In addition, Kim’s family owns a small homestead where they raise rabbits, chickens, goats, sheep and hope to add cattle soon.  Kim also finds joy in her vegetable and fruit gardens.  When time permits, Kim loves to sew, read and play piano. Kim herself is dyslexic and one of her children has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. 

Stephanie Buckwalter

Team Consultant

Stephanie Buckwalter is a mom of 5. She’s homeschooled for over 18 years and has taught all twelve grades and every level from gifted to mild and moderate special needs. She develops homeschool curriculum for children with moderate to severe disabilities and who may also be nonverbal.



Charl Rae Cobb


Charl’s work experiences include writing, education, healthcare, and art. She loves helping homeschoolers learn how to identify dominant learning styles and how to plan strategies for success. Respecting the individual requirements of her multi-generational household, she strives to create tasty, family-friendly meals while juggling multiple dietary requirements, provide social and educational activities that encourage those dealing with multiple special needs, and balance life in general. 



Jessica Monteverde

Team Consultant

Jessica is a certified special education teacher, Master IEP Coach®, military spouse, and mom to three little girls. She is spending her time teaching her own children at home now and helping families with special education needs through IEP consulting and coaching. She helps families advocate for their child and work collaboratively with IEP teams.  Additionally,  Jessica can help create unique educational plans and adapt learning environments to meet the needs of an elementary age child. She loves special education because of the endless possibilities and creativity involved in discovering what helps a child learn best.


Diane Jennings

Graphics Design

Noah Paul

ViDEO Production Assistant

Noah, a proud techie, has been homeschooled his entire life. He has devoted countless hours to learning audio visual equipment and computers from online videos, later teaching himself how to operate a wide range of technical equipment. Since 2016, Noah has maintained his own YouTube channel with gaming and hosts a weekly talk show, “The Nman Show.” Additionally, he manages his own Twitch page and several other social media sites. His passion for multimedia is evident in everything he does.   

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