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Being connected to fellow, in-the-trenches, homeschooling families is essential to keeping your perspective and gaining the ongoing support you need to continue running your SPED homeschool.


SPED Strong Tribes

SPED Strong Tribes are online communities re-imagined.

Created to go the opposite direction of social media groups and forums which focus on virtual resources and impersonal interactions,

these groups center around YOU

to create local and personalized networking hubs that not only connect you and your family to new local friends but also local resources.

We searched high and low for an app that didn’t toll data, and won’t block you for talking about things that are pertinent to your family’s health and rights.

Yes, we know what is involved in being the parent of a child with special needs and our tribes allow you to share in a secure and safe environment that follows HIPAA data privacy standards so you don’t have to worry about having your posts deleted because you share about the choices you make that are best for your family.


Use the links below to join your tribe today!

Southeast SPED Strong Tribe

Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina


Eastern SPED Strong Tribe

Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware


Northeast SPED Strong Tribe

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut


Northern SPED Strong Tribe

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa


Northwest SPED Strong Tribe

North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Alaska


Midwest SPED Strong Tribe

Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah


Southwest SPED Strong Tribe

Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii


Texas SPED Strong Tribe


Canada SPED Strong Tribe


United Kingdom SPED Strong Tribe

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland


Philippines SPED Strong Tribe


Special Needs Moms’ Night Out

Every Tuesday Night!

Following our weekly SPED Homeschool Conversations broadcast we will be hosting a live online Special Needs Mom’s night out.

learn more

Local Homeschool Co-ops/Support Groups

Local homeschool co-ops and support groups exist in every state. The best way to find groups in your area is to connect with your state homeschool organization who will be able to give you their contact information.

Before taking the leap to join one of these groups it is best first to take into consideration whether or not the groups in your area have the ability to work with the specific needs of your child AND if your child is prepared to be part of an inclusion environment.

SPED Homeschool Facebook Groups

SPED Homeschool hosts a variety of different Facebook groups.  Visit out Facebook page to find out more or use one of the links below to visit a specific group.

Facebook Page

I remember how thankful I was to find the SPED group, this was my community…My tribe is this community”

– SPED  Homeschool Support group member

Support Group

Are you looking to connect with like-minded parents and be encouraged on your special education homeschooling journey?

Connect with 1,500+ special education homeschooling parents from all over the world




Resource Sharing

Do you love sharing things you find on Facebook and the web that are helpful in your special education homeschooling? 

Our resource sharing group is where parents and organizations share their favorite posts





Looking to sell some used curriculum? Or maybe you are hoping to find a good deal on some homeschooling materials.

Our buy/sell/trade group is a great place to start when changing out your homeschool curriculum




Thinking of Joining a Homeschool Co-op?

There are special considerations families of children with specialized learning needs must take into consideration before joining a co-op.

These videos below were created in cooperation with the Texas Home School Coalition (THSC) to help families think through these considerations and to inform their future co-op members about learning differences.


peggy ployhar quote

SPED Parents

Videos for parents of children with specialized learning needs who are considering joining a co-op

Co-op Parents

Videos parents can share with co-ops to help advocate for the needs of their child with specialized learning needs

SPED Teens

Instructional videos for teens with specialized learning needs who are joining a co-op 

Co-op Teens

Instructional videos co-ops can use to help teens understand learning differences

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