Free Downloads

Free resources to simplify specializing your home education materials

IEP Template & Guide

Write a homeschool IEP with this free Word template download then use our guide for step-by-step instruction on how to fill it in

Museum Checklist & Guide

A museum checklist and guide for families homeschooling children with specialized educational needs or accessibility needs 


Free Downloads from EyeWords

To learn more about Eyewords, download their program guide and visit their page 



Eyewords™ Free Interactive Lesson #1, Words 1-4


download lesson

Eyewords™ Free Orthographic Mapping Cards for TOP 10 HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS


download cards

Eyewords™ Free Sight Words Order of Frequency


download lists



Eyewords™ Free Top 10 Class Set of Bookmarks



download bookmarks

Eyewords™ Free Top 10 Multisensory Sight Words


download sight words




Training & Download from Equipping Minds

Increasing Language, Visual & Auditory Processing Training video with free 41 page handout

download handout

Peggy Ployhar’s Presentation Handouts

Practical lessons, tips, and encouragement for families homeschooling adopted children

Homeschool Strategies for Adopted Children

download handout

Hows and whys of an IEP and strategies for using them in the homeschool environment

How to Write and IEP and Use it Effectively in Your Homeschool

download handout

Learn how your state homeschool organization or local group can optimize your outreach to special needs families

What Special Needs Families are Looking for on Your State/Group Website

download handout

Be equipped with the top 5 keys to homeschooling a struggling learner with confidence

Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner with Confidence

download handout

Practical ways to build high school credit courses for a homeschool student using unit studies

Using Unit Studies to Homeschool High School

download handout

How to take the curriculum you already own, or plan to use, adjust it to meet the specific needs of your child

Customizing Curriculum for Your Child

download handout

Ways for using the Charlotte Mason pillars in your homeschooling

An Eclectic Approach to Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

download handout

Creative ideas for incorporating self-care into your busy homeschooling schedule

Incorporating Mom-Care Into Your Homeschooling Schedule

download handout

How to do battle head-on with your doubts and overcome them victoriously in your homeschool

Overcoming Doubt, Your Greatest Homeschooling Enemy

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Get an overview of what it takes to homeschool a struggling learner and avoid common pitfalls

The Essentials of Special Needs Homeschooling

download handout

Be intentional about setting up a transition plan that will ready your student for life beyond your homeschool

Skill and Transition Planning for Homeschool Special Education

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