Visualize World Geography

Can you easily find Italy on a world map…because it looks like a boot? Visualize World Geography (VWG) turns the shape of each country into an object you can find just as easily. Our stunning, colorful visuals and playful animations make these objects lifelike and memorable. With NO EFFORT, you and your student(s) will AUTOMATICALLY recall a country’s location, size, shape, bordering countries, capital, and fun facts, whenever you hear or read a country’s name!

Students: VWG is the original mnemonics-based world geography curriculum that has helped thousands of students just like you master geography since 2003.

Teachers: VWG is extremely user friendly. All the mnemonic lessons are in an engaging DVD format–simply watch lessons numbered 1 through 20 for each continent: Africa, Asia, Europe, The Americas & Oceania. Finish watching Lesson 1 and move on to Lesson 2, and so on. After Lesson 20, you are done with a continent. That’s all there is to it!

In addition, after acquiring a mental map of the entire world, view the Geo Facts DVDs for more in-depth information about EACH country. Then, you can even practice drawing the entire world from memory.






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