TOP Assessment & Consulting, LLC

We specialize in conducting special education evaluations to determine if students struggle academically due to learning disabilities or other learning disorders. Our testing is available to families, school districts, charter schools, public and private schools, and learning centers. We conduct individualized educational assessments of your child and/or student’s cognitive, academic, and/or social and emotional functioning. Our individualized evaluations begin with a consultation to discuss a student’s strengths and areas of need. Your Top Assessment consultant will then design an assessment battery-based specifically on the referral concern.

1. Full Psycho-Educational Evaluation + Report (Intellectual & Achievement Testing)
2. Review of Existing Evaluation Data (REED) Report
3. Dyslexia Evaluation + Report
4. ARD Participation
5. Specialized Services
6. Functional Skills Evaluation + Report
7. Consulting
8. Advocacy Services
9. Professional Development
10. Facilitate Meetings/Mediation
11. Individual Student Problem Solving (Intervention Plan)

Our Mission Statement: At TOP Assessments, our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of children.