Homeschooling Therapy Options

Below are the four main choices families have when looking to access therapy services for their homeschooled student.


Federal and State Funded Services

The IDEA, or Individuals with Disabilities and Education Act, provides federal funding to each state to provide services to special education students, including homeschooled students. Each state handles these funds differently, but if you desire public school services for your homeschooled student, then you should check out this page to see your specific state law and then contact your local school district to see how you can access the services provided by these funds.



Private Insurance Funded Services

Private health insurance plans sometimes cover therapy and using health insurance for this purpose is how many SPED homeschool families cover some or all of their student’s therapy needs. To determine what services your insurance covers, and local therapists covered by your plan, call your insurance provider.


Parent Provided Services

Another option that is growing in popularity is for parents to use books, videos and/or online materials to provide their student in-home therapy. If you are interested in this option, you can visit our At-Home Therapy Resource Page by using the link below.



Educational Therapy Services

One more option is to hire a private therapist or consultant who is willing to work with both you and your student, for a predetermined time at a basic rate, to do therapy with your child, and in some cases train you to do therapy with your child.