Therapeutic Curriculum


Equipping Minds

Cognitive Training Program

The Equipping Minds program combines nutritional therapy, primitive reflex exercises, sound therapy, vestibular therapy, and vision exercises in addition to Equipping Minds cognitive training exercises. Training materials are available for parents and therapists or work with one of our tele-therapists.

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Dianne Craft

“Right Brain” Learning System

Alternative curriculum for bright, hard working learners who are working too hard to learn.

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Brain Sprints

NeuroDevelopmental programs and curriculum

Through NeuroDevelopmental programs and curriculum, Brain Sprints addresses the root causes of learning challenges eliminating the struggles. Worldwide parent-lead programs available or in-person with Brain Sprints’ coaches – DFW, TX

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Stages Learning

Award-Winning Language Builder Series

Stages publishes over 200 supplemental autism education products (physical learning tools, apps, and software), as well as a complete classroom curriculum, designed to specifically meet the learning needs of children with autism.

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Liberate children with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and other spectrum disorders from the curriculum industry by equipping and empowering them with holistic education for success in who God The Creator made them to be is what we are all about.

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