The Animation Course

Chad Stewart, former Disney animator and homeschool Dad, offers a 12 week LIVE – online animation course for 11-18 year olds. Each assignment that is turned in is given a video review by a professional animator.

The Animation Course consists of five levels with the goal of giving the student the tools they need to enjoy the process of creating stories and animating them, thus producing their own short films.


  • Level 1: An introduction to animation through 12 principles of animation.
  • Level 2: Basic concepts of physics and how they apply to animated motion, emotion and acting, and body mechanics.
  • Level 3: How to tell a story—everything from basic story structure to staging and cinematography.
  • Level 4: Combines concepts learned from Levels 1-3 to help students create their own animated short film.
  • C.A.T. (Continual Animation Training): Students work together just like a real animation crew to complete a joint film project.

The Drawing Course consists of two levels with the goal of teaching classical drawing skills. Using this foundation, The Drawing Course then launches into the world of characters and design, allowing the student to bridge the gap between imagining a character and then putting that character on the page.


  • Level 1, Fundamentals of Drawing: An introduction to the classic concepts of traditional drawing and how to use them to bring more life-like images to the page.
  • Level 2, Drawing for Animation: The character and design of humans and animals; bringing life to the drawing through the concepts of gesture and expression.



Curriculum Review

The Drawing Course- Level 1 Fundamentals of Drawing

General Information


  • Curriculum Developer – The Animation Course
  • Website Link
  • Grade Level Scope: Upper elementary, Middle School/Junior High & High School
  • Subject Covered: Arts
  • Cost Range: More than $200
  • Supplemental Material Cost: up to $200, depending on what you already own
  • Format: Online product & class
  • Religious content: No

Basic Features


  • Methodology: Online – Instructor/Tutor Individualized Instruction
  • Learning Styles Utilized: Visual, Spatial, Auditory, & Kinesthetic
  • Intelligences Utilized: Pictures and Nature
  • Teaching Styles Utilized: Videos, Progressive steps, and Independent Work
  • Common Core: Unknown
  • Accredited: Unknown
  • Teacher Helps: Above average

Product Description 


  • Font Size: Larger than average
  • Pictures: Lots of colorful pictures
  • Binding: Virtual
  • Lessons Included: 12
  • Intended Curriculum Usage Length: 1 semester
  • Assessments Used: Projects and end of course assessment



  • Amount of Handwriting Required: Average
  • Integrated Assistive Technology: Videos
  • Executive Functioning Concerns: Multiple smaller tasks to track
  • Possible types of teacher intervention: Help for visually impaired student
  • Average Length of Lessons: 30 minutes
  • Concentration Level Required: More than average
  • Modifiable by Lengthening Out Lessons: Fairly easy for parent to do
  • Language Complexity: A little more complex than average

SPED Homeschool Review Crew Feedback

What was the one thing that most impressed you about this curriculum?

That the lessons and skills are broken down and visual examples are given for visual learners.

What should parents of children with learning needs be aware of when looking into this curriculum?

That the students who have fine motor struggles might need extra time and if need longer time to get concepts a recorded course may work better for them.