By Peggy Ployhar

If you are looking for a fun, and adaptive, new tradition for ringing in the new year with your children, here are five activities we have pinned on our SPED Homeschool New Year Pinterest board , that may be fun to try as you ring in the new year together this year.

#1 – Create a New Year’s Eve Time Capsule
The Kids Activity Blog  shares what to put into a time capsule your family can create on new year’s day, store away for the year, and then open next new year’s eve.

#2 – Record a Video Interview with Your Child
The moms at How Does She?  posted this simple way to create an ongoing record of your child’s progress and interests. This article not only gives you questions to ask your child, but also ideas on what to include in the video so you don’t miss recording all those special things your child has to share.

#3 – Help Your Child Fill Out a Questionnaire
There are so many New Year’s questionnaires, I couldn’t pick just one. Instead, here are five different questionnaires you can choose from to do with your child.

  1. One page printable to record memories from the past year from 
  2. A colorful printable to record your child favorites, year in review highlights and goals for the coming year from 
  3. A printable with 14 questions you can use to interview your child from  
  4. This annual interview questionnaire from  even includes some questions to ask your children about his/her family relationships 
  5. A simplified new year survey from 

#4 – Make a Family Memory Jar

The Suburban Mom gives step-by-step instructions on how to construct a New Year Memory Jar you can make as a family and use all year long to store your family’s memories you don’t want to get lost in the chaos of life.

#5 – Create an “All About Me” New Year Memory Poster
  Crayons & Cuties in Kindergarten has a fun idea for taking your children’s hand and foot prints and using them to create a memory poster where you can record special things you don’t want to forget

And if you’re still looking for other ways to enjoy celebrating the new year as a family, make sure to check out all the links on the SPED Homeschool New Year Pinterest board.

Happy New Year!


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