By Peggy Ployhar

Whether St Patrick’s Day brings out the Irish in you, or you are just looking for an excuse to change up your homeschooling schedule for a day, we have some tips for you!

Here are some great ways to incorporate this holiday’s celebrations in the hearts of the faithful, history buffs, stagnant learners, children who need challenges or those needing a break.

These resources are my top free picks from the SPED Homeschool St Patrick’s Day Pinterest board. If you want more inexpensive and adaptable resources, make sure to check out all the links on that board. Or, better yet, check out all the SPED Homeschool Pinterest boards for resources to help you in every area of homeschooling a student with special educational needs.

St Patrick’s Day Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt – Enjoy this fun activity while following the great ideas included on this site about how to talk with your children about evangelism.
7 Verses for a Christ-Centered St Patrick’s Day – Great verses to start discussions with your children about how St Patrick spread the gospel to Ireland.
Share the Good News Like St Patrick – Use this lesson to help your children learn how the gospel is for everyone and how to share it with others.

 History of St Patrick’s Day Video – Learn all about the history and traditions around St. Patrick’s day on this short 4-minute video.
The Real St Patrick – A list of books, video links, and other activities and lessons to educate about the historical St. Patrick.

Language Arts
Find and Rhyme Clover Treasure Hunt Game – A fun treasure hunt for clovers that will help your children work on their literacy skills.
I Spy St Patrick’s CVC Words – Find the 10 hidden words on this free printable that you may need a magnifying glass to find.
St Patrick’s Vocabulary Cards – 20 different words you can use for teaching vocabulary, plus fun activities you can do with them.
Leprechaun Themed Writing Prompt – Get your child’s creative words flowing as they use them to describe the leprechaun they are searching for.

 Counting Shamrocks – Work on counting and sequencing with this fun, hands-on activity.
Clover Addition & Subtraction Cards – Use these cards with manipulatives to practice adding and subtracting skills.
March Math Challenges & Brain Teasers – Free resources to help with adding, subtracting, and simple multiplication.
Shamrock Math Race – A fun and active way to reinforce counting and get a bit of exercise while doing it.

Fine Motor Shamrock Craft – A fun way to have your child work on fine motor skills while making beautiful green shamrocks.
Gross Motor Clover Hop – Get your kids up and jumping with this fun activity.
15+ St Patrick’s Day Speech and Language Activities – Work on your child’s speech and language goals with these fun St. Patrick’s Day activities.

Leprechaun Lego Trap – Is your child up to the challenge? The article will give you all you need to set up the challenge and get your child’s creative juices flowing.
 Crack the Code – 11 different St Patrick’s Day crack the code free printable sheets.
 St Patrick’s Day STEM Challenges – Three St Patrick’s Day STEM challenges that use everyday items from your home.

Unit Study
Christ-Centered St. Patrick’s Day Ideas – A list of things you can do as a family to learn and grow in your faith together on St. Patrick’s Day.
Ireland Unit Study – Learn all about Ireland through this study’s recommended books, videos, crafts, recipes and more.
St. Patrick’s Day Unit Study – Use this free unit study to bring together an entire day of learning, all centered around St. Patrick’s Day.
History of St Patrick Unit Study – Cover math, science, social studies, language arts, geography and more while learning the history of St Patrick.

Sensory and Breaks
Sparkling Play Dough – Use this play dough recipe for stress-relieving sensory play.
 St Patrick’s Day Brain Breaks – 8 ideas for St. Patrick’s Day brain breaks you can use between seated school times.

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!



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