Stephanie Buckwalter

Stephanie Buckwalter is a curriculum developer and the creator of the ELARP™ Method of homeschooling for students who are two or more years behind grade level in several core subjects, or stuck in perpetual kindergarten. She believes that the first step to homeschooling a special needs child is to assume intelligence. Once you realize there is more going on intellectually than your child can express, it opens up a whole new world of learning.


She has two websites, and, where she helps parents teach their special needs children independence, social connection and productivity, and better learning outcomes through nurture, nutrition and neurological organization.

Stephanie has received training in Dianne Craft’s Right Brain Learning materials, Spell to Write and Read with Wanda Sanseri, The Family Hope Center’s program dealing with neurology and development by Matthew Newell, Sue Patrick’s Workbox System, and rhythmic movement therapy through Sensory Foundations Level I through Sonia Story at MovePlayThrive. Other major influences on her work are Laurie Chuba, OTL of Learning Integrations, Lynn Carahaly of Speech E-Z and books by Judi Munday, Kathy Kuhl, Soma Mukhopadhyay of the SOMA Rapid Prompting Method, Susan Wise Bauer (The Well-Trained Mind), Cheryl Swope (Simply Classical), and Ido Kedar (Ido in Autismland). Although there have been many other influences over the years, these are the ones that really had an impact and created paradigm shifts in thinking about teaching special needs children and how to do it effectively.

Her family of five children has done homeschool, private school and public school (including the IEP process). In addition to homeschooling for over 18 years, Stephanie has taught classes locally and online, and helped start a robotics club, a classical education co-op and a special needs homeschool co-op. Her heart is to use her unique experience to help others experience success teaching their unique learners.