Stacy Triplat Consulting

Building awareness about neurodiversity and it’s impact on our children’s learning. Join Stacy to in learning how to support, educate, and celebrate children with autism, 2e, anxiety, adh/d, sensory sensitivities, and behavioral challenges. Stacy specializes in building personalized connections with neurodiverse learners while educating and supporting their parents and professionals.
Connect with a heart centered, knowledgeable, and sincere expert that wants to make your lives easier and calmer. Parents, join Stacy for a practical, supported, and easy to understand journey of understanding children’s communication and behaviors. Work with Stacy to:

  • create personalized visual schedules and routines for your child’s independence
  • design and implement a personalized calm space for your child
  • support our bright 2e learners navigating the social world
  • easily navigate the confusing special education process
  • understand your child’s behaviors and what they are communicating
  • identify sensory sensitivities in your child’s environment(s)
  • build friendships and social skills
  • develop and improve communication skills
  • learn how to navigate special education
    translate professional evaluations and reports