Skill & Character Building Curriculum Partners

Our skill and character building curriculum partners provide parents with tools for incorporating transition learning skills, life skills, and electives into a homeschool plan.

The Etiquette Factory

The Etiquette Factory is dedicated to helping parents and educators teach their students: manners, life skills, character development, time management, and more using games, music, stories, role play, food, and kind discussion. Our products and resources are for children ages pre-k through high school. Come and see! This will soon be everyone’s favorite part of the day!


Skill Trek

Covering 18 categories, Skill Trek is a life-skills curriculum for Kindergarten through young adult. Created by homeschooling parents of special needs children, Skill Trek is customizable and designed to meet students where they are developmentally. Our team has experience working with or parenting children with special needs and available to answer questions and help with placement to maximize each Trekker’s success.

Nancy Larson Science

Nancy Larson Science – a science program you’ll love. • Serious Science for Ages 5-13 with Language Arts included, • Easy to Teach Science – all planning is done for you, • Techniques that work – for all children, • Combine several ages together, • Hands-on activity for each lesson’s goals, • Scripted lessons for a science conversation with your children, • Extra resources for expanded learning and research, • Everything you need to open the box and go.


Entrepreneur University (EntreU)

EntreU empowers our future leaders to develop the business and leadership skills they need. It also gives them the resources necessary to start a business (before they graduate from high school), eliminating the need for traditional college and making it possible to lead a life of prosperity and fulfillment. We have developed a scholarship program for homeschool families because of our passion for our future leaders. To book a phone appointment with an enrollment counselor about our scholarship program go to


EWCed is a free platform that curates out-of-the ordinary educational videos and pairs them with thought-provoking activities. We are a great entry point to all manner of subjects including arts, culture, history, technology, and science. Visit us to see how we can help you inspire curiosity in your students.


Social Motion, Inc. (SoMo)

At Social Motion, we provide strategies and life path solutions to enable those with social cognitive challenges to become productive, fulfilled individuals. Our Virtual Motion program enables us to deliver social skills, life skills, and vocation skills training to anyone, anywhere via technology.


Incuentro is an E-learning company offering virtual, live trainings to support those navigating life with autism, ADD, social anxiety or similar special needs.
Social skills trainings for students and coaching trainings for parents, educators and employers are taught in a virtual classroom by expert educators. We provide access to expertise anywhere there is WIFI!

The International Association for Creation (IAC)

The International Association for Creation is a global platform dedicated to assisting communities in experiencing God’s creation first-hand and advancing the biblical worldview across the Earth through local, faith-affirming resources. We are dedicated to connecting Christians through commerce, education, and faith.


ONEder’s mission is to improve the post-school outcomes of ALL students. We work to achieve that goal by providing an engaging online transition and social-emotional learning curriculum to high school students that is accessible with accommodations enabled.

Emotive Computing, LLC.

Emotive Computing, LLC. creates custom training material based on real-world activities, learning goals, environment and the unique needs and preferences of a young adult with autism. This training material contains strategies and tools for helping the young adult to identify, recognize, and process their emotions in order to improve their decision-making and learning outcomes. Emotive Computing, LLC also provide opportunities for young adults with autism and their caregivers to practice these activities in safe, real-world settings.

Care2Rock (C2R)

Care2Rock is a private, online music lesson platform. All of our teachers are highly qualified and have been triple vetted by us. With screen-sharing, multi-screen views, and recording features, you will learn 3 times faster on our platform! And with every lesson YOU book, a youth in foster care or in a hospital receives free music lessons for an entire year.


Supporting Homeschool Preschool by providing hands-on learning opportunities for every child. Our preschool program includes three levels, each level based on a child’s current skill level.

The Animation Course, LLC

Chad Stewart, former Disney animator and homeschool Dad, offers a 12 week LIVE – online animation course for 11-18 year olds. He also teaches online drawing classes as well for both elementary and upper grade students. The cost is $350 and includes video reviews of individual assignments by professional animators.


Family Pastimes Co-operative Games

Family Pastimes Co-operative Games have been utilized by schools (Public, Private & Home) and other organizations to enhance programs for over four decades. Parents, teachers, counselors, therapists, and others easily integrate our titles & in doing so see improved social & educational outcomes for all students, and the children love the games.
Our games apply to several different categories, in recent years we have seen an increase in utilization among parents/educators working to improve outcomes for diagnosed ASD students/clients in areas related to speech & language therapy, social interaction and play therapies.

Stages Learning Materials

Our products are created to stimulate learning at each stage of language development. They feature beautiful real-photo images to capture a child’s attention and engage their minds. Research demonstrates that children with autism are highly visual and literal learners, and our tools support these learning strengths. Our photo-based flashcard sets, games, puzzles and posters offer a broad assortment of images to teach a wide range of language skills. Our card series provide opportunities to teach identical pre-language matching, categorization and learning similarities. Our work is based on 20 years of experience in helping children learn language skills and new research on digital learning technologies and instructional design also informs our tool development.


A Stem Educational Construction Toy; all about one’s imagination
Stem Toys: Motivate students to focus and pay attention to details – Assist students in developing problem-solving, organizational and planning skills – Promote resilience by encouraging children to try again – Help children learn and effect and how the world works – Turn On the lights in children’s minds – Stimulate their language and communication skills – Aid kids in developing their own self-esteem, confidence, and courage – Teach empathy by allowing students to explore the role of both winner and loser – Support social/emotional growth by having group play experiences – Bring families and friends together to have fun.

Robotix Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd

An amazing new building and screen-free coding robot for children ages 4 to 9. The smart Robobricks blocks namely Brain block, Sensors, Motors, Sound & Light blocks are compatible with Duplo® | Mega Construx® | Morphun® | Lego® bricks for hands-on tactile play empowers children to explore magical, whimsical, imaginary worlds, seamlessly blending with real life and digital experiences.

Taco Playbits

A great self-learning tangible coding kit of kids ages 3 and above. Simply tap on the coding Chips with the Smart Wand to begin your child’s journey of self-learning. Children learn ABC’s, Music, Math, Coding, Memory & Logic games & much more. What’s more it is also Braille compatible, enabling visually impaired children to play and learn.


Sincere Movement Dance Company

We offer dance classes to children with special needs.(Houston, TX)

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