Shari McMinn

Shari Howard McMinn is a mother to 11 children through marriage, birth, and adoption.
An advocate for adoption, homeschooling, nurtured childhoods, and a thriving life with
unique learners, she enjoys mentoring parents and serving others in her church and
community circles. Several of her children were twice exceptional learners, while others
had significant trauma in early childhood resulting in a wide variety of developmental
and learning labels.
Widowed while still raising and homeschooling her five youngest children, Shari was
invited to work for Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC) to supplement her
family’s income. She currently is their Advertising Manager, Homeschool Update
magazine Editor, and the Exhibitor/Sponsor coordinator for CHEC’s annual in-person
Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference and Homeschool Summits biannual virtual

McMinn teaches and writes from years of “mom experience”, recounting with wit and candor the testing of her
Christian faith through countless trials. Through the dark chapters of her life, each time she has moved forward from
merely surviving to abundantly thriving by choosing joy and thankfulness over bitterness and despair.

Her current resume of colorful, insightful, and practical 45–60-minute PowerPoint presentations with Q&A include:
1. Early Years Homeschooling: Nurturing, Raising, and Training Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Early
2. Fly High, Butterfly: Helping Our Daughters Navigate Growing into Adulthood
3. Homeschooling a Diverse Family with Inclusion in a Toxic Culture
4. Homeschooling Unique Children: Adopted, Gifted, Struggling Learner
5. Homeschooling Children with Special Needs: How Parents Can Help Their Students Thrive
6. Introduction to Homeschooling: the Practical “How-to” Nuts & Bolts (Part 1, 2)
7. Learning Styles + Teaching Methods = Curriculum Choices
8. Single-Parent Homeschooling Despite Trauma and Stress
9. So, You Want to Write a Book: Writing and Self-Publishing for Homeschool Students and Parents
10. What About the Military for Your Homeschool Graduate?
11. When Tragedy Strikes Your Homeschool: Depending on God to Move Forward Together
12. Working-Parent Homeschooling

Shari Howard McMinn’s compelling and inspiring published books from a Christian worldview include,
 ADOPTION: Encouragement and Advice for a Hopeful Journey
 DEATH: WHERE IS THY STING? Recovery from the Loss of Our Loves Ones and Preparation for Our Own Final
 EMBRACING DIVERSITY AS A FAMILY: Preparing the Next Generation to Flourish (Spring 2023 release)
 MAKE A MEAL + SHARE A MEAL: An Easy Cookbook for Large Batch Family Meals with Leftovers to Freeze or
Share with Those in Need
 STRETCHED YET UNBROKEN: A Family Knit Together Continues Their Legacy of Faith


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