“One of the benefits of homeschooling is that we tend to have more latitude…as well as creative freedom, than teachers in regular schools. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of that. Don’t forget it either.”

Shannon Ramiro

Training Manager

Shannon Ramiro

Shannon Ramiro will tell you that homeschooling was not her original plan, but after many failed attempts at getting appropriate placement and services through 4 different school districts she withdrew her son and began to homeschool him.


Amidst her busy homeschooling schedule, Shannon is also in her senior year of a teacher preparation program working toward earning credentials in both Special Education (K-12 mild/moderate) and Elementary Education (K-8) and has received additional training in helping children with anxiety, trauma, learning challenges, mindfulness, and more.


The basic premise Shannon has about learning is that children should not be pressured to learn at a pace that does not match their development level. Curiosity, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills, especially through play, should be encouraged whenever possible. Children should be encouraged to follow their interests and dreams. In many cases, these interests can be incorporated into assignments involving writing, or history, or math, what we think of traditionally as “subjects”. Some students work well with subjects taught individually, but I prefer more of a cross-curricular approach, through real-work scenarios, unit studies or project-based learning when possible.


Shannon also states: “One advantage I have, I believe, is I required several different types of therapies as a child, including speech & language therapy, adaptive P.E., and assistance with reading. I still remember what that felt like, so I can sympathize and sometimes assist parents in a better understanding of where their child is coming.”

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