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Teaching children with learning difficulties requires constant tweaking of plans, techniques, approaches, and curriculum choices. Thus, special education homeschooling parents never outgrow the need for training. For this reason, our articles, videos, and podcasts are simple, straight forward, and formatted to fit into your busy schedule.


Our weekly live broadcast, Empowering Homeschool Conversations, allows parents to interact with experts and ask questions regarding various special education homeschooling related topics.

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Searchable Video Library

Our YouTube video library is filled with full-segment and shorter videos we edit from our live broadcasts. Subscribe to our channel today so you can keep learning all week long. 

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Each week we update our podcast stream with an audio version of our prior week’s live broadcast. Parents love this format because it allows them to listen and learn while multi-tasking. Follow Empowering Homeschool Conversations using this link or on your favorite podcasting platform.

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Searchable Article Library

Our articles are written by experienced homeschooling parents and/or homeschooling professionals who understand the complexity of teaching a unique leaner. Scroll through our latest content or search a specific topic to find the information and encouragement you need to homeschool successfully.

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Free Downloads

Our free downloads will help simplify the process of navigating your unique special education homeschooling journey. 

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Quick Guides

Our quick guides to help you easily access topic-specific materials we develop on a monthly basis to help you homeschool your struggling student successfully.

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