Renee Sullins Life Coaching

As a parent, you know when your son or daughter is stuck; they just can’t seem to make the necessary changes to be happier and do all the amazing things you know they can. And, it can be especially difficult to get them to talk about it. Often, they don’t even know where to start, nor do you. Parents tell me all the time; “We’ve tried everything – nothing has worked”; “I don’t know what to do?”; “I just want him/her to be happy”.


This can be frustrating and heartbreaking for everyone. I was that parent.


This is where Life Coaching can change lives.

  • ​Sustainable Habit Changes 
  • Transformational Mindset Changes
  • Results that move them forward


My teenage daughter struggled in high school – sadly, we thought it was just being “lazy” or “unmotivated”. We tried holistic approaches, medication and therapy. Nothing seemed to make the shifts needed to help her be more confident, more organized, and more in control of her thoughts and actions…then college happened…the emotional breakdown and the necessary withdrawal from school. Diagnosed with clinical depression, anxiety and ADHD.


Years later, after 10+ years of mentoring over 400+ disadvantaged teenagers and college students through a nonprofit I co-founded, I discovered something called “Coaching”. I went back to school, and it was a game-changer – for myself, as I had to be coached first, and then for my coaching clients. 


It gives me great joy to help young people discover their areas of giftedness, and confidently change poor habits into good habits for happier lives.



“She asks questions to understand
the situation, finds the problem
and the solution. Coaching helps
you develop a way to conquer your
struggles on your own. The
greatest benefit for a parent to hire
a Life Coach is that she can help to
develop problem solving and
better habits that will help them
increase success and reduce