RDA Prep

RDA Prep offers the following course for High School Students

Practicum in Health Science – Dentistry

PEIMS #: 13020500

Career Pathway: Dentistry

Grades: 11, 12

Credits: 2

Prerequisites: Principles of Health Science, Hepatitis B Vaccination highly recommended

The Practicum in Health Science – Dentistry is designed for students to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for an entry-level position in a dental setting. They will also learn proper care of the oral cavity, how to expose and develop radiographs, dental and periodontal charting, proper infection control procedures, dental-assisting skills and gain experience in a dental office. Emphasis is on effective interaction with different members of the healthcare team, patient confidentiality and ethical decision making. Additionally, students will participate in an internship at a local dental office. Optional: Registered Dental Assistant Review and Examination






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