Pillars of Peace Primary Partners

Parents and kids need and deserve a high quality, flexible, applicable education without interference from government mandates and social agendas. Our aim is to create such an option by focusing on helping parents meet legal homeschooling requirements in an efficient (no busy work), semi-structured, yet flexible environment where they can feel supported while their children learn essential skills for life.

Our main goal is to guide children and parents through the homeschooling process from how to register through end-of-year evaluations and everything in between. We want to provide certified teachers who want out of politically charged schools with the opportunity to use curriculums and strategies that actually work, especially for children who have “fallen through the cracks” of other schooling methods.

The goal is to create a virtual school environment that is student-focused, supports parents and teachers, and benefits society as whole by encouraging a love of learning and resourcefulness, doing right by all involved, and encouraging a community of reciprocity.



Program Review


General Information


  • Service Provider – Pillars of Peace Primary Partners
  • Program Website Link
  • General purpose for this service: Hybrid online school
  • Subjects covered by service: Reading, handwriting, spelling, writing, math, history, arts, science, and therapy
  • Cost Range: Over $200
  • Supplemental Material Cost: $100 – $200
  • Format: Online class and physical homeschooling curriculum
  • Religious content: Yes, Christian

Basic Features


  • Purchase method: Online, button
  • Technology used: Email, Zoom, computer/tablet/phone
  • Service components: Instruction, online classes, and independent study
  • Materials used: Computer, videos, book, workbook/worksheets, and manipulatives
  • Accredited service provider: No
  • Service provided as compared to promotional material: Exactly as described
  • Description of service: A University Model homeschool program with live teaching on two days and live, supported work practice sessions on two days. Additional developmental support is also available. Children are placed according to functional academic levels rather than age.

Service Description 


  • Ease of purchase: Super simple
  • Service provider accessibility: Very responsive
  • Level of provider’s expertise: Professionally knowledgable
  • Meeting/services provided: One initial online interview then online classes are offered Monday through Thursday. Students can take part live or watch recorded classes
  • Length of class: Range from 20 to 50 minutes
  • Student age specifications: Students with cognitive skills in the primary grades, kindergarten through 5th grade



  • Service flexibility: Very flexible by using recorded classes
  • Executive Functioning Concerns: There are a lot of classes to track each day to track to stay on schedule if following the live format
  • Assistive technology: Students should be able to integrate most assistive technology needs with the use of this program
  • Average Length of service: 10 months/1 school year
  • Ease of scheduling: Meetings are at a set time each week, so you need to plan around the times to partipate live or plan in the use of the recorded classes
  • Modifiable by Lengthening Out Lessons: You could pick and choose which classes your student uses, but most work on learning foundations and helpful therapy
  • Language Complexity: Simple and straightforward

SPED Homeschool Review Crew Feedback

What was the one thing that most impressed you about this curriculum?

You get the individualization of homeschooling with the guidance of an experienced special ed teacher. You get extensive support for students, teachers and developmental exercises.

What should parents of children with learning needs be aware of when looking into this curriculum?

The suggested schedule has a lot of classes laid out like a traditional school day but you can change up the schedule by using the class recordings on your own schedule.