Before You Withdraw

If you are withdrawing your student from a public or private school, ask for copies of your student’s records before you start the withdraw process. Keep these records in a file whether or not you agree with them. You never know when you may need to refer to them.

Partner with Professionals

Partner with every specialist your child sees on a regular basis to create comprehensive documentation to track all areas of progress – educational, therapeutic, behavioral, social, mental, and physical.



IEP Basics – What to Track

  • Student’s yearly baseline status
  • Current testing records
  • Accommodations, modifications and assistive technology used
  • Specific and measurable goals
  • Therapy integration
  • Transition planning, if a student is age 14 or older
  • Behavior intervention strategies


Learn more on how to create your own IEP, step-by-step. 



Looking for help?  Consider hiring one of our consulting partners to help you develop a homeschool plan and IEP. 


Basic Homeschool Record Keeping

Using an IEP to Keep Everything in One Place

An IEP (Individualized Education Plan) not only helps parents track the individual progress of their student but also helps create a comprehensive overview of the tools and/or interventions your student requires for optimal successful learning.  Check out the list to the left as a guide for developing your own homeschool IEP.


*HSLDA members may access sample IEP’s and an IEP template. Additionally, the HSLDA Special Needs Consultants will assist parent-teachers in developing and drafting an individualized home education plan.



**THSC (Texas Home School Coalition) offers their members an IEP Generation Tool that is simple and easy to use.