LegiLiner, LLC

LegiLiner is a rolling, self-inking stamp created by Polly Benson, OT, to quickly draw adaptive lines and boxes for handwriting, music and math. They come in 13 designs of various sizes and are refillable ink.


LegiLiner’s mission is to

  • Enable teachers and therapists to facilitate handwriting practice with a unique tool.
  • Empower students to establish a lifelong enjoyment of writing, schoolwork and work skills without embarrassment.
  • Financially support the special needs community by giving a significant portion of profits to organizations, classrooms, and teachers.

Perfect gift for teachers, Occupational Therapists, Homeschool parents. Works great when practicing legibility. Multiple Uses including workbooks, writing worksheets, coloring books, and on construction paper crafts. Patent Pending. Trademarked.


LegiLiner Standard Handwriting lines 3/4″, 1/2″, 3/8″ Also, Double Stack 1/2″ line.
LegiLiner Double Solid wide and narrow ruled lines: 3/8″ and 1/4″.  
LegiSpaces: 1″ tall line with broken baseline
LegiBoxes: 3/4″ tall double line of letter/ number
LegiSquares: 1/4″ tall single line of boxes for patterns, letters, spacing, data collection or math.  Great for columns.
Dotted thirds: writing line for cursive, broken into thirds.
Number line: quickly draw an evenly spaced number line for graphing or timelines.
Music Line: quickly draw a 5 line music staff.
Worm Line: for fundations curriculum – has an extra baseline for descending letters.



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