Learning in the Living Room

Learning in the Living Room is a place where HOPE is found for struggling readers and writers.

Its founder, Terri Lynch, has over 30 years of experience home educating and teaching in the public sector.  She is a certified Reading/Language Arts Consultant and Elementary Educator, as well as an Orton-Gillingham trained literacy specialist.  She has taught hundreds of children to read and write successfully, and trained hundreds of teachers to do the same! 

Her greatest passion lies in teaching struggling learners and helping the parents of those students. 

She offers professional, compassionate, and affordable consulting – all designed to help parents develop the BEST learning life for their child. 


  • Method(s): Telephone, Google Meet, and/or in-person consultations are available. All packages include a FREE initial consultation. 


  • Topics of discussion can include: 
    • Learning disabilities
    • Educational philosophy
    • Curriculum development
    • Individualized instruction
    • Learning strategies
    • Integrated subject matter
    • Creative activities
    • Behavior and motivation
    • Scheduling and planning
    • Time management
    • Record keeping & Transcripts
    • Preschool through High school






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