“Since 1992, we have provided life-changing solutions for accelerating learning, memory and functional abilities in individuals of all ages through in-home NeuroDevelopmental brain training programs and products.”


Jan Bedell, PhD, M.ND

In 1992, Jan started a journey that transitioned her from desperate homeschool mom of a struggling learner into a master NeuroDevelopmentalist.

With her new knowledge of how to optimize brain function, coupled with her previous experience as a public, private and homeschool teacher, she understood there was more to education than just technique and curriculum. She found hope and help for her daughter through The NeuroDevelopmental Approach that ensures the brain is ready for learning.

Today, Jan’s passion is teaching ways to stimulate brains of all ages earning her the title, Brain Coach. Through the years her work has helped children, teens and adults discover their true God-given potential without labels. This message has been life-changing for all those who have applied her brain building principals, making life and learning easier for thousands.



More About Brain Sprints:
Brain Sprints (formally Little Giant Steps), a NeuroDevelopmental Consulting Group, was established by Jan Bedell in 1992.

Jan was a professional teacher, with a daughter with challenges who was not doing well in public or private school. Jan knew in her heart her daughter was capable of more academic success if only she could find a way to reach and teach her. She decided to homeschool her two daughters.

After years of home school struggles, Jan’s search for ways to help her daughter lead to a specific brain training called, The NeuroDevelopmental Approach. She had her daughter evaluated, then was trained to work with her daughter on brain stimulating activities at home. This approach helps the brain creates new or repair old neuro-pathways between the brain and body.

After a few months, it became evident things were dramatically changing for her daughter. After following the program and seeing what seemed like miraculous results. Her daughter, with a 40 IQ was able to master concepts, and could read at a third grade level.

Because of the progress she saw in her daughter as well as others, Jan decided to train to become a certified neurodevelopmentalist. The goal was to help others reach their full God-given potential.

Over twenty-five years have flown by and Jan has grown professionally and has helped thousands of families see how the brain can change, functional abilities can develop through the use of natural, safe, and developmental activities done with intensity, frequency, and for short periods of duration.

Jan has been very prolific in creating curriculum, tools, aids, and full in-home programs based on The Neuro-developmental Approach. Today, Jan and her staff at Brain Sprints are training parents, teachers, and other professionals to become certified as Neuro-Educational Specialists, Screeners, and Brain Coaches, so this developmental model can continue.

Brain Sprints has many graduates who have discovered that learning can be easier, and struggles can be overcome. It doesn’t matter your age or I.Q. Everyone can benefit from the neuro-efficiency and improved functional abilities that come from following a NeuroDevelopmental Program.

Brain Sprints’ Mission is to create a world where children and teens reach greater heights in development and academics, and where adults can gain superior function for college, the workplace and life. Since 1992, Brain Sprints has provided life-changing solutions for accelerating learning abilities in individuals whether they are gifted, typical or challenged.


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