IRL Social Skills

IRL Social Skills is a safe place where autistic and neurodiverse teens, young adults and their families can learn and practice social skills. As with any other skills—like learning to play piano, baking bread, or doing complex math—there are certain steps to follow to become adept. Through direct instruction, coaching, and peer interactions, we help people learn to initiate, cultivate, and maintain relationships.

Our courses run 16 weeks long. When you enroll in a course, you’ll choose which day of the week you can commit to attending for the duration of the course. In this way, you’ll build relationships with the same peers and coaches, which helps to strengthen the impact of the courses.

The holiday season is upon us—along with extra social demands and potential stressors. These one-day workshops introduce participants to helpful conversation skills to increase self-confidence, decrease anxiety, and represent a proactive approach to mental health. Autistic, neurodivergent, and neurotypical teens, young adults, parents, and professionals are welcome in these skill-building courses.

We have all-new Skills Jam workshops in October, November, and December 2022—just in time to provide greater ease, connection, and self-regulation throughout what can be a super stressful time for many.

Skills Jam workshops are offered Sundays, October 16th(SOLD OUT), November 6th, and December 11.

For more information, or to enroll in any of our classes, email us at


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The IRL Social Skills class feels like a family focused and centered class. Since I’ve attended this class, I’ve learned new ways of interacting socially and feeling more confident in my communication. I believe any family or an individual can benefit from taking this class even if you’re not neurodivergent. Overall, this is an experience you definitely don’t want to miss and instead spend the time to practice and create new friendship skills!” — Isabelle, 16 and dad, Leo

This program was a huge benefit to my teenage son. His social interactions improved so much over the 16 week training. The coaches were kind and skillful and the other parents were such an encouragement. I highly recommend this training.” — Emily, mom

This group is simply amazing. They taught me a lot of social skills that actually work. The classes are fun and engaging. It was great to get to know other kids who have similar struggles to me, and I felt like everyone really understood me. If I could give this 6 stars, I definitely would.” — Jenell, 14

Thank you so very, IRL Social Skills team! My son and I have learned a lot from the program. I think my son will benefit from it the rest of his life. At first, my son was hesitant to do the program because it’s virtual and he does not like Zoom meeting. But with the time, he got more and more engaged and became positive. They teach social skills, sensations, and how to calm your body when you’re anxious. The classes were always fun and practical. The coaches are professional, compassionate and skilled; the parents were awesome and truly an encouragement; and the participants – our teenagers and young adults were amazing! The class has really helped them build a solid foundation for social skills. Our kids not only have made lots of progress on their own social skills, but also showed how much potential they have for their future. Mara and her team really care about community!” — Lijing, mom