Homeschooling Law


Why You Should Know Your Homeschool Law

In the United States, each state sets their own educational laws relating to home education. 

If you live outside the United States, homeschooling law can be dictated by your national laws as well as local educational laws.


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“Most states with homeschooling regulations require nothing additional of parents who choose to home educate their special needs students…except Iowa, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.” – HSLDA


Homeschooling laws specific to special education students:

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“The ability to choose home education is a right. It’s a right well-documented in international law. It’s our right as parents to direct the education of our children. And it’s the right of each child to receive an individualized education experience that best suits their needs and goals.” – GHEX (Global Home Education Exchange) Board


International homeschooling laws

Find out more about homeschooling laws outside the United States






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