Handwriting Repair

 Handwriting Repair teaches people of any age and ability to gain, maintain, and (where needed) regain the power of legible and fluent handwriting.


  • This approach to handwriting unites current research with pragmatic experience teaching and remediating handwriting
  • As a young adult, I was told that my multiple neurological disabilities would forever make handwriting be an “impossible” skill for me, — yet within a few years of that verdict, I had designed and successfully carried out the self-remediation that became Handwriting Repair/Handwriting That Works.
  • Students with disabilities and/or significant neurological conditions especially need and deserve to benefit from information that goes beyond classroom traditions on handwritingFor example: did you know that the fastest, most legible handwriters are actually those who DON’T join every letter, and who use print-like letter-shapes where cursive and printed letters “disagree”?
  • This individually tailored program makes handwriting make sense. As students learn to write well by hand, they also learn how to read the handwriting of others.