Resources for Homeschool High School Specialized to Meet Your Student’s Needs 

Considering homeschooling your high school student?  Maybe you have been homeschooling high school for a while, but are looking for more information and resources.  Either way, this guide is for you.

Featured Articles

Featured Podcasts & Full Length Videos

What You Need to Know About Accommodations After High School

An interview with Vickie Brett and Amanda Selogie, Founders & Executive Directors of the Inclusive Education Project.

Tools for Helping Your Homeschooled Teen Develop Learning Independence

An interview with Ruth Meed, BA, MAT, MS, Educational Consultant, 27 year veteran teacher/childcare worker, and Best Selling Co-Author.

Let’s Talk About Teens and Mental Health

An interview with Vicki Tillman, homeschool mom, curriculum developer at 7 Sisters Homeschool, Counselor and Life Coach.

Enhancing Your Teen’s Ability to Transition Well

An interview with Barb Blakeslee, M. Ed., author and founder of My Keys Consulting LLC.

Electives Curriculum

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