SPED Homeschool Family Camp

An event for homeschooling families affected by disability

Cancelled for 2023

We are sad to announce that despite the great interest in camp this year, our inability to secure outside donor support and grants made camp this year financially impossible for most families and for us to meet our minimum attendance numbers to host camp this year.


If you would like to contribute to our camp scholarship fund so we can provide this service to families in 2024, please donate below.


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“My husband and I were blown away by the highest level of care and love and grace she/we were shown. I honestly didn’t think that was possible this side of heaven. Really! I just am used to living in a fallen world and just expecting people not to understand and not know how to engage with our daughter – not out of lack of care or compassion, just out of not understanding or fear. And yet all week the volunteers and staff were so kind to her and to us. It was life-changing! I saw Jesus use you all to show us kindness and compassion from Him. I have not felt that in such a comprehensive way since Josie started having her disability challenges. You truly were used by God. I will never forget this!”


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Videos from our 2022 Family Camp

Take a peek at all the fun we had last year and hope to repeat next summer!

2022 Family Impact

A teen attending the retreat told us that this was the first time in her life she felt loved and accepted for who she was. Her grandmother and primary caregiver, shared that this was the first time her granddaughter didn’t insist she was with her at all times. They had tried youth groups and other teen groups, even with supports, but nothing had been successful until their experience this week.


One family after the first night of programming shared with our team that even if the first night was the only part of the retreat, they could attend, they have already had the best family vacation ever. 


 One mom said she came with a list of questions on how to homeschool her special needs daughter, not even thinking she would take the plunge because it seemed so daunting, but on the final day of the retreat she was glad to tell the entire group that although she never asked any of her homeschooling questions, she felt encouraged by the stories other families had shared of their homeschooling experiences, knew how to access resources as she needed them in the future, and felt supported by a community she could stay in contact with as she started her homeschooling journey. She left confident and empowered to move forward in God’s call to teach and disciple her daughter at home.


One family had driven from Chicago, IL to attend camp because they thought it would be good for their kids, only to realize just how much they as a couple needed time for fellowship, each other, and with the Lord.

2022 Volunteer Impact

One homeschooling mom and her two children (18 and 17) had never experienced inclusion or worked alongside someone affected by disability until this week. Throughout the week, this family allowed God to work through them and their willingness to serve. The mom expressed how deeply humbled she felt that the family she worked with would be so trusting to allow her to work with their daughter, and what a great privilege it was for her that her camper (who was greatly affected by autism) would allow her into her world this week. Her kids also were always willing to serve and were great role models for the campers they were assigned to as well as other kids who needed extra attention throughout the week. The mom even said when it was time to leave, it was unlike her kids to not want to leave, but they were one of the last families to finish saying their goodbyes.