Erik’s Tutoring

Erik’s Tutoring offers personalized instruction and academic coaching that supports students in overcoming their personal learning obstacles and achieving their academic goals.

Erik Tutoring works with students ranging from early elementary through post-secondary levels across a range of subjects.  Our specialty is helping students who want to:

  • conquer math anxiety and strengthen mathematical competence,
  • build academic confidence and learn new skills,
  • complete challenging or complicated assignments,
  • improve reading comprehension, (v) write more effectively, and
  • overcome test anxiety and score higher on standardized tests. 

Erik uses a flexible instructional approach that is tailored to each student’s unique combination of skills and struggles.

Erik Abend has been an educator for over 30 years.  He started his career teaching middle & high school math and standardized test preparation courses.  His work as a private tutor has encompassed a wide range of educational levels and subjects, including academic and test prep support for post-secondary students through the California Department of Rehabilitation and afterschool math tutoring for early elementary, middle and high school students in the Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools.  

Erik is a caring and insightful coach and tutor whose passion is to support students as they overcome their individual learning challenges to build academic confidence, learn new subjects and master new skills and subjects.  He offers patient, compassionate guidance that incorporates his diverse teaching experience and the lessons he has learned parenting a neuro-atypical child.






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