Equipping Minds

Our primary mission is to work with children and adults to increase their cognitive abilities and decrease learning, emotional, and social challenges. We work individually with children and adults of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential through our onsite and online programs. We see working memory, processing speed, attention, executive functioning, comprehension, critical thinking, and communication skills increase to help them overcome learning, emotional, and social challenges by equipping their minds to reach the full potential God has for them. The Equipping Minds program combines nutritional therapy, primitive reflex exercises, sound therapy, vestibular therapy, and vision exercises in addition to Equipping Minds cognitive training exercises which were developed by Dr. Carol Brown. The cognitive training exercises are designed to integrate different areas of the brain at the same time. Learners participate in fun games and activities. Equipping Minds also differs from other programs, in that, these brain strengthening exercises use what the student already knows. Equipping Minds ingeniously sets aside academic skills allowing us to get to the foundational roots and cognitive functions, quickly and accurately. Training materials are available for parents and therapists to purchase or you can also work with a therapist online teletherapy.






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