Eagle’s Wings Therapies, LLC

Eagle’s Wings Therapies provides support to struggling learners through NILD educational therapy for students with a disability diagnosis, RX 4 Discovery Math or Reading for skill-specific help, Search and Teach for 5-7-year-olds who may have perceptual or processing delays that impact reading development, and Executive Functioning Skill Development, to help with organizing, time management, and goal setting.


Debbie Engle, NILD Educational Therapist, is available in person in the Lexington and Columbia, SC area or online via Zoom. Debbie has a heart for homeschooled students who may need extra support to reach their full potential. Her degree is in Special Education from Illinois State University, She has worked with a variety of disabilities and ages in the 16 years she has been a teacher. After working with Learning Disabled students using a compensatory approach with classroom modifications and tutoring, she started to look for an approach that would help students to overcome their disability. She found that approach in NILD Educational Therapy.  


NILD therapy is a direct, language-based intervention for students with learning difficulties, similar to occupational and speech therapies.  Our focus is to strengthen the underlying causes of learning difficulties rather than just treating the symptoms. She has seen firsthand how the techniques equip the learner to become independent and move on from needing accommodations and support.  Interested to know more? 

Email Debbie at debbie@eagleswingstherapies.com or call her at 815-978-4055 for a free consultation.