Resources for Handling

Dietary & Food Issues

Whether your whole family or just one child in your home is on a restrictive diet  or deal(s) with food aversions these issues can complicate everything you do, even homeschooling.  But don’t panic. This guide will help you with finding new ways to navigate these issues in your homeschool and at your kitchen table!

Featured Podcasts & Full Length Videos

Combating Picky Eaters and Limited Diets

An interview with Chris & Claudia Diaz, authors, and special needs homeschooling parents.

Food-Allergy Holiday Planning, Packing, & Traveling Tips

An interview with Anglea Fuller, Founder of Food Allergy Families of the Triad.

Food Allergy Diet Burnout: Kids, Teens, and Holidays

An interview with Jennifer Henn – the Well-Adjusted Homeschooler, homeschool mom, author, speaker, and consultant.

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