Daily Encouragement Vlog/Podcast

Daily Encouragement was established to help people establish the truth in the context of their life for the sake of freedom on a daily basis. Jesus said that man does not live on bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. With that being said, it paints a picture of daily and consistently consuming the forgiveness, love and mercy Christ came to give so we can live out the purpose God has in our life. Life is lived in a series of moments that result in days. Days go into years and soon enough we’ll see the cumulation of thoughts, habits and choices that we made as a result. How many are who they want to be? Facing the truth of our lives in this way can be difficult. Shame. Blame. Condemnation. Judgement. These are the barriers to the freedom that Christ came to give. The thoughts, habits and choices we make can awaken these barriers to walls with no further progress being made but the construction of our own internal prisons. But Jesus came to set the captives free. Freedom takes truth. Truth is reality. When we face the reality of our lives and the reality of who Christ is and what he has for us, it cultivates the soil for our true identity to be birthed. We all have character and values, dreams and goals, talents and skills all buried in the heart. The heart is where the holy spirit lives. When our reality clashes with God’s, we evolve into a rock solid person that knows who they are. Who they are is not based on the opinions of others, their performance or circumstances but accepting the reality of Gods love in the context of our daily lives.






Dominic Martinez



Christian Hale