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Hi I’m Courtney Lewis and I specialize in Algebra, Geometry, ACT Math, and SAT Math but I also tutor preceding subjects like basic math, pre-algebra, etc. In the past, I have tutored for companies such as Home Tutoring Plus and A+ Learning (along with a bunch of freelances). At these companies, I tutored students as young as 5 years old and just learning the essentials, to 18 and steps away from college. I have been a proven math tutor for over 7 years now and in some cases have had students that were as many as 3 grade levels behind. Through identifying their weaknesses and using repetition to relearn the material they struggle in, I helped them catch up and excel in their curriculum. I have also tutored children with different types of academic needs and tendencies, including those with learning disabilities such as ADHD and Dyslexia. I implement tons of practice in my lessons to ensure that my students are confident with the material when they come across it on a test. I believe in giving my students problems with differing levels of difficulty to ensure that they are prepared for anything that comes their way. If time permits, I also like to familiarize my students with the upcoming chapter so that they have a basic understanding of the material before their teacher introduces it in class. Let me make things easier on you… I remember when I was in school (high school especially), there were times when a certain topic in math class just didn’t make sense to me. Sometimes the way my teacher would explain things just didn’t compute with me or the time allotted in class just wasn’t enough to get a full understanding. It can be discouraging, but it didn’t mean that I was incapable or that YOU are incapable. Sometimes it just takes someone else’s method of explanation to help you REALLY understand something. You have my undivided attention, and I will ensure that you fully understand the subject you’re having trouble with. You can contact me through email or phone: (510) 461-9583



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