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Do you struggle with knowing how to teach your learner basic skills in various settings, in or outside the home? Do you need resources to help your older learners with transition planning? Conover is here to help.

The Functional Skills System at Home is an online video library designed to help learners with disabilities learn how to function independently at home, work, or in the community. Based on the concept of video modeling, where users watch a desired behavior and then practice it themselves, The Functional Skills System at Home provides clear, straight-forward information. Using real videos makes for easier translation and quicker generalization of the concepts being taught, and with a video library of over 5,500 videos to choose from, there’s something for everyone. New content is added regularly, so there’s always something fresh and new. We recently added over 40 programs to help with workplace readiness and social/emotional learning. Whether your user needs help with basic signs and words, hygiene, grooming, dress, social skills, or even core vocabulary or workplace readiness, our system uses real-life video (not cartoons, drawings, animations or symbols) to communicate the concepts clearly and effectively.

All of the videos in the Functional Skills System at Home have full audio so no reading is required. Learners can repeat the short videos as many times as needed to observe appropriate language and behavior in real-life situations on a screen and then use this new behavior in their own real-life situations. Lessons can be accessed anytime, anywhere, because the Functional Skills System at Home is formatted to work perfectly with any tablet, smartphone or mobile device.


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Review – Conover Functional Skills System at Home

General Information


  • Curriculum Developer – Conover
  • Grade Level Scope: Lower elementary, Upper elementary, Middle School/Junior High, & High School
  • Subject Covered: Life Skills
  • Cost Range: $10 – $50
  • Format: Online product
  • Religious content: No

Basic Features


  • Methodology: Online, self-study
  • Learning Styles Utilized: Visual & Auditory
  • Intelligences Utilized: Pictures and Words
  • Teaching Styles Utilized: Videos, Repetitive, Progressive steps, and Independent Work
  • Common Core: Unknown
  • Accredited: Unknown
  • Teacher Helps: None, but very self-explainatory

Product Description 


  • Font Size: Average
  • Pictures: Lots of colorful pictures
  • Binding: None, virtual
  • Lessons Included: 5500
  • Intended Curriculum Usage Length: More than 3 years



  • Amount of Handwriting Required: None
  • Executive Functioning Concerns: Loosely organized and requires either student/teacher planning
  • Average Length of Lessons: 10 second video
  • Concentration Level Required: Minimal
  • Modifiable by Lengthening Out Lessons: Very easily
  • Language Complexity: SImple and straightforward

Specific Disabilities 


  • High Interest/Low Readability Material: Yes

SPED Homeschool Review Crew Feedback

What was the one thing that most impressed you about this curriculum?

I was most impressed by the short concise 10 second video lessons and how well they covered a breadth of functional life skills topics. It was also very accessible to both the parent and the student of varying levels of functioning.

What should parents of children with learning needs be aware of when looking into this curriculum?

This program allows you to create a favorites list for the videos that you want your child to watch with one simple click. If you’d like, you might wish to go one step further and keep a record of the videos watched and skills mastered.