Resources for Homeschooling Adopted and Foster Children

Are you homeschooling a child who was adopted or who you are providing foster care for? Looking for resources to help you in this endeavor?  This guide will provide you with many practical tips as well as encouraging stories from people who know what it is like to homeschool children with similar challenging needs so you too can be equipped for the journey.


A few friendly ways to help the adoptive moms around you care for themselves, so in turn, they can be as healthy as possible to take care of the orphans God has brought into their homes.


Featured Articles

Featured Podcasts & Full Length Videos

Creating a Joyful Adoptive Home

An interview with Jennifer Cullimore, former Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist and adoptive homeschooling mom who is a.k.a – The Therapy Mama on YouTube and Teachers Pay Teachers.

Creating Positive Learning Environments from Challenging Homeschooling Situations

An interview with Cindy LaJoy, homeschool and adoptive mom & creator of Blue Collar Homeschool.

Connecting with Your Adopted or Foster Child So They Can Learn and Grow

An interview with Ethan Demme, foster dad & President and CEO of Demme Learning.

Adoption, Special Needs, and Homeschooling

An interview with Cheryl Swope, Author of Simply Classical.