ABC Crate

Engage your kids and watch them soar. ABC crates have varying themes (language, math, geography, sciences and arts & crafts), come with illustrated lesson plans or detailed instructions depending the type of lesson crate, hands-on lesson materials, and follow up work. Kits are available from pre-school through 8th grade. Subscriptions are available and do not automatically renew. ABC educational crates are handmade with love by a certified Montessori teacher of 19 years. The owner, Caroline Moulsdale, is certified in Early Childhood Education (preschool and Kindergarten), Elementary Education I (grades 1st to 3rd), and Elementary Education II (grades 4th to 6th). Caroline has worked as a lead teacher, Montessori teacher trainer, and Parent Education director. ABC Crate, LLC was created to share the joys of Montessori lessons and philosophies with all who seek hands on learning and a creative and fun way for children of all ages to learn.



ABC Crate Curriculum Review – Butterfly Kit

General Information


  • Curriculum Developer – ABC Crate
  • Butterfly Kit Website Link
  • Grade Level Scope: Lower elementary
  • Subject Covered: Reading, Handwriting, Writing, Arts, Science
  • Cost Range: $50 – $100
  • Supplemental Material Cost: $0
  • Format: Physical product
  • Religious content: No

Basic Features


  • Methodology: Montessori
  • Learning Styles Utilized: Visual, Spatial, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Verbal, and Tactile
  • Intelligences Utilized: Logic, Pictures, Words, and Nature
  • Teaching Styles Utilized: Scripts, Repetitive, Progressive steps, Mnemonics, Multi-Disciplinary, Independent Work
  • Common Core: Yes
  • Accredited: Unknown
  • Teacher Helps: Detailed teacher instructions included

Product Description 


  • Font Size: Average
  • Pictures: Colorful pictures
  • Binding: Lay-flat, non-spiral
  • Lessons Included: 3 content lessons and 2 art lessons
  • Intended Curriculum Usage Length: 1 week



  • Amount of Handwriting Required: More than average
  • Executive Functioning Concerns: Many pages, books, or pieces to keep track of and multiple smaller tasks to track
  • Average Length of Lessons: 15 – 30 minutes
  • Concentration Level Required: More than average
  • Modifiable by Lengthening Out Lessons: Very easy for parent to do
  • Language Complexity: Slightly more complex than average

Specific Disabilities 


  • Reading Approach: Scripted

SPED Homeschool Review Crew Feedback

What was the one thing that most impressed you about this curriculum?

Our family was sent the Butterfly crate, what a wonderfully appropriate theme for our time summer review. The crate is so thoughtfully packaged, organized and simply impressive. The curriculum guide is easily laid out for any parent, grandparent, sitter, etc. I could really see the crate concept as a great resource for taking school on the road, summer bridge opportunity, during caregiver burnout or sickness periods. Can be expanded upon to create all inclusive subject unit study.

What should parents of children with learning needs be aware of when looking into this curriculum?

Most worksheets do require handwriting, with options to match beginner to mastered learners. Would have loved to see worksheets with cut/paste option and materials printed in landscape to spread out spacing for beginner writers/copiers and those with fine motor challenges. Adaptable supplies; paint brushes have a larger grip, vibrant paints and low profile water bowl. Colored pencils of standard size. The crate is very much a family activity, in that the materials are parent led in content and hands on activity guidance.