Verboso’s teletherapy platform is an innovative approach to online speech therapy, powered by speech recognition. Our solution combines face-to-face sessions with a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist and access to one-of-a-kind games. The games utilize automated feedback settings that are customized by your child’s speech-language pathologist and are uniquely tailored to your child. This encourages your child to practice in between sessions, and therapists can monitor your child’s progress remotely. You will also have access to a portal to review your child’s therapy progress. Plus, you can securely message your therapist with any questions you may have. This solution gives you more options to fit therapy into your family’s routine and collaborate more closely with your therapist. Including these features in our treatment plans allows us to offer flexible, cost-saving solutions to your family, depending on how much or how little help your child needs in improving their speech skills. Thus, Verboso lets you take control of your child’s therapy from the convenience of your home at an affordable price.






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