Tears to Cheers Handwriting Clinic

Tears to Cheers Handwriting Clinic is designed to help young children with or without learning disabilities develop the skills needed for fine motor and pre-handwriting development, to PREVENT potential future learning and development problems, and to achieve Kindergarten readiness.


We utilize the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum to offer multisensory strategies and materials to teach the skills necessary for effective print and cursive handwriting.


Would you be interested in learning more about a handwriting clinic and other services we provide? Check out our website to find out more about our in-person and remote handwriting camps. We also conduct one-on-one therapy services by appointment in our office and via ZOOM. 


Dr. Candice Freeman OTD, MOT, OTR is the owner and founder of Tears to Cheers Handwriting Clinic LLC. .Dr. Candice Freeman has extensive experience with implementing a variety of handwriting programs and has received significant results using research-based methodologies.


She has 13 years’ experience as a pediatric and home health occupational therapist and 5 years as an occupational therapy assistant program director. Her specialty is pediatrics with a concentration on fine motor skill development and handwriting.






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