Peggy Ployhar


Peggy has held leadership positions in the special education homeschooling community for a 15 years.  Her vision for SPED Homeschool is to create an organization that unites the special education homeschooling community to provide parents a consistent and trustworthy base of support, encouragement and resources.


Cammie Arn

Office Manager

Cammie Arn is a “veteran” homeschooler, still teaching 5 of her 8 kids who range in ages from 3-23. Cammie and her family enjoy country living near Bryan, TX. In her Facebook group Homespun Homeschool, she offers encouragement on homeschooling children from a life-schooling, Christian perspective.



Dawn Spence

Teaching Manager

Dawn is a homeschooling mother of three who left her special education teaching career to stay home and teach her own children. She is a gifted instructor who has the ability to bring out the teacher in everyone, especially showing parents how to modify curriculum to meet the specific learning needs of their child.


Amy Vickrey

Groups Manager

Amy knows special education inside and out from her extensive work as a classroom teacher before homeschooling and through her master’s degree work in the field. She now homeschools her two sons as well as runs a homeschool business that offers special needs homeschool classes and consulting.


Nakisha Blain

Social Media Manager

Nakisha is a multi-tasking mama of one, homeschooling while assisting other homeschool entrepreneurs as virtual assistant. Kentucky is her home-base when she and her family aren’t traveling to races around the country.


Melissa Schumacher

Editing & SEO Manager

Melissa recently transitioned to homeschooling her two adventurous boys. Because of her prior work teaching English as a second language and working in international development, she has adapted quickly to special needs homeschooling. Melissa, her two boys and husband, an active-duty Airman, live in Texas.


Ashly Barta

Publications Manager

Ashly is a homeschooling mother of two and military spouse who has seen the ins and outs of many different state educational programs and has a broad view of the supports and programming that is available to the special education community.


Lara Lee

Graphic Design Manager

Lara is a homeschooling mom of two special needs sons, a writer, a graphic designer, a blogger, and a Sunday School teacher. She’s working on a master’s degree in special education because, apparently, she isn’t busy enough. She looks forward to sharing her discoveries with other families like hers.


Shannon Ramiro

Shannon Ramiro

Training Assistant

Shannon has more training and experience in the special education realm than most parents could ever fathom gaining in a lifetime. Amidst all of life’s circumstances that have led to gaining this mountain of knowledge she homeschools her own son plus helps educate other parents about special education homeschooling.


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