Reading, Writing & Math Curriculum Partners

Our reading, writing, and math curriculum partners provide parents with creative ways for teaching basic subjects to struggling learners.

RightStart™ Mathematics

RightStart™ Mathematics uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic approach to elementary math. Fractions are approached with a linear perspective. Card games are used to learn concepts and strategies and to practice facts. The lessons guide the teacher day-by-day, helping children understand, apply, and enjoy mathematics.



WriteShop understands the challenges of teaching writing. We offer parent-approved, award-winning writing and grammar resources for kindergarten through high school. Our writing programs are engaging, with step-by-step lessons that give children the necessary building blocks of the writing process. WriteShop not only teaches students how to write, but it also shows parents how to teach. WriteShop offers many options to guide students through the writing process and inspire even the most reluctant writers.


Jim Hodges Audio Books

Jim Hodges Audio Books provides word for word recordings of classic literature (so you can follow along with the text!), the George Alfred Henty historically accurate adventure novels, children’s, and overtly Christian books. These recordings are really perfect for any family, but especially for dyslexics, special needs, auditory learners, blind, and struggling readers.


UnLock Math, Inc.

UnLock Math is an online math curriculum developed by former high school math teacher & homeschool Mom Alesia Blackwood. Combining Alesia’s excellent ability to teach math in a way that students just “get” with the worlds most advanced math testing & assessment platform, UnLock Math adapts to your child, unlocking their math potential!

A+ Interactive Math

Homeschool Math Curriculum with options to meet your individual needs. You can tailor our curriculum to fit any learning style and budget. Our curriculum teaches and grades for you, so you don’t have to. It includes colorful, fun and engaging video lessons, interactive review, worksheets, chapter tests, step-by-step solutions, automatic grading and tracking, reports and more…


7 Generation Games

Initially developed to help students below grade-level improve their math scores with games that provide scaffolding, multiple methods of instruction and individualized learning, 7 Generation Games offers educational video games that teach math while incorporating elements of history and language arts (including bilingual games) for grades 3 and up. We also offer a game design curriculum unit for middle through high school students and a free library of supplemental educator resources. One of our co-founders was a homeschool mom and also has a Ph.D. in educational psychology with significant work experience in special education.

Captain Jeff Enterprises

Electronic phonetic reading program based on the use of storytelling. Found on my website as an expanded version hard copy & an enhanced version on the App Store.

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