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Pride Reading

Easy to use, Orton-Gillingham Curriculum

The PRIDE Reading Program is an easy to use, structured literacy, Orton-Gillingham curriculum for children of all ages.This homeschool curriculum uses engaging, multisensory methods to teach reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension.

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Books for Me Too

by Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith is a homesteading, homeschooling mom of three, who lives with her family in Alaska.


Inspired by her husband and kids with dyslexia, Rachel writes children’s books in large print and dyslexic font, including historically based stories, created with homeschooling family’s in mind. Rachel also writes interactive journals/planners for homeschooling moms with chronic illness, and kiddos with sick moms. 



The first digital, illustrated, animated and interactive book for challenged adolescent, teen and young adult readers!


Curriculum that is easy to use, requires minimal teacher preparation, builds a strong vocabulary, and creates skilled readers and accurate spellers.